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          Advantages of the Investment casting process
          1. Investment casting process will support a flexible design.
          Investment casting process produces parts which are very complex in terms of shape and surface relatively easy. In addition, a variety of alloy's can be selected to meet design and functional requirements. The process produces precise dimensions and fine quality surfaces without additional material rework. (Net shape or near net shape) All these characteristics provide several opportunities for design freedom. Designers can focus their energy on implementing the part's function and not too much on the part's process and material selection.
          2. Investment casting offers competitive pricing to customers
          Investment casting process is considered a net shape or near net shape process. Parts are nearly complete after the casting process. Forming, welding and machining operations may not be necessary. The customers purchasing cost, therefore, would be lower than other production processes.
          Dalian Lianmei's technical services
          Parts are produced according to our customers' prints, Pro-E models and other specifications. If needed, we also participate in our customers, PDP (Product Development Process) and original design development process to offer solutions that will assist our customers in the reduction of cost and the improvement of quality, based on our manufacturing experience.
          Should you need further information, please contact:

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